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Tree Removal:


I can simply cut the tree down from the ground or climb it with climbing equipment (climbing the tree is often more expensive). Once it’s down I can cut it into firewood pieces or leave it as is (or haul it away). If I cut it into firewood pieces I do charge extra. If the tree is small enough I offer the service for free. Most of the trees come down in 5-10 ft sections (if I climb them). 

Tree Pruning & trimming:


I trim many different types of trees, most commonly I prune Maples, Oaks, and Ash Trees. Oak trees are best pruned in the spring, fall or winter, you have to be careful due to Oak Wilt spreading in this area. Similar to removals it’s up to you if you want the debris cut into firewood size pieces or hauled away by us. Don’t be afraid to ask questions when I’m doing your estimate, for example sometimes it’s more cost effective to simply remove the tree instead trimming it. Ash trees are often so infected by emerald ash borer that it’s typically more cost effective to simply remove the tree instead of trim them.

Brush Hauling Services


Our original business model was “I cut it you haul it” but with so many requests to haul away brush we now include that as an option for customers before or after the estimate. Just let us know what you want done and we can give you a price for it! 

Firewood Cutting


Don’t want it hauled away but need help cutting it up? We are happy to help you cut it into firewood pieces. Although this does not include splitting the wood. Let me know ahead of time if you need it cut into a specific length. Otherwise the length varies. Wood is typically cut into 20-30″ pieces and brush is cut into 3-10′ lengths. 

Stump Grinding


Stumps are subcontracted to Matt with “Stumps in 72 hours LLC”. He and I partner together on many projects. He will give you an estimate. His minimum is $200, if you do multiple stumps the price drops significantly. His number is 507-216-2435.

About Us:

We are dedicated to providing quality tree care services at affordable prices. Our team is made up of experienced climbers who have been trained to conduct their work safely and efficiently. Unlike traditional tree services that rely on large equipment like dump trucks and heavy machinery, our team prides itself on operating with less overhead and fewer employees. This allows us to offer cost-effective solutions that are tailored specifically to each client and their needs.

Whether you need routine maintenance or a complex tree removal project, our experienced crew can get the job done quickly and reliably. And as proud residents of this community, we take pride in giving honest prices, advice, and estimates for all of our projects. From small residential properties to large commercial sites, Cut & Leave Tree Service has the expertise and passion needed to handle any tree care challenge. So if you’re looking for an experienced team that puts your needs first, look no further than Cut & Leave Tree Service!


Do I have Ash Borer Disease?

See Below!

Best time of the year to trim?

Depends on the tree species (Oaks are better off trimmed in the winter)

Do you trim trees too?


Do you top trees?


How much Do you charge?

Hundreds to Thousands (it depends) Every job is different

Do you give Free Estimates?

Within 25 miles of Rochester- Free
25 miles (+) $20

how big is your crew?

2-5 people on any job site

Do you haul brush if needed?


Are you Licensed, Insured & Bonded?


Whats your Timeframe

0-2 weeks typically

Do you use heavey equipment

Sometimes Yes, We climb Primarily

Do you cut the wood up

If it's a small tree yes, if its a large tree we charge extra

Do you travel?

Rochester MN Metro mainly

Do I need to sign a contract?

Yes- Contract tab above

Can I cut down Infected Ash Trees


Can I burn ash wood?


Can I transport Ash Wood?

Yes (check DNR Website for details)

Permitted in Rochester


Tree removal

I use safe and effective techniques to safely remove trees near power lines, fences, or close to your home. Whether your tree is small or large I’m confident I can remove it. 


Brush Hauling

We now offer brush hauling services. We can submit a complete estimate for cutting and hauling brush away. 


Or if you simply have a pile of brush that needs to be hauled away let us know. 


Tree Trimming

Pruning trees involves thinning and trimming the canopy to enhance natural branching patters. I will be careful to make sure I do not damage your tree during the pruning process.


Firewood Cutting

For customers that don’t want the brush hauled away, but want the wood cut into smaller sizes, this is a great option for many customers. 

Do I have Ash borer disease?

General Symptoms:

Trees can decline for a number of reasons: insects, disease, soil compaction, winter injury, drought stress, and many other factors.  Trees declining from many of these reasons may show general symptoms of tree stress (shown below) and these do not specifically indicate EAB.  However, these indicators can be early signs of although such symptoms will occur when EAB attacks ash trees.

Declining ash due to Emerald Ash Borer

Canopy Thinning and Crown Dieback:

As larvae feed beneath the bark they damage tissues responsible for transporting water and nutrients.  Initial damage appears as thinning in the upper canopy of the tree and branches can die over time.

Other conditions (disease, soil compaction, etc.) can cause canopy die-back in ash trees, so canopy thinning alone does not definitively indicate EAB.

(See the page on diseases of ash trees for some additional information)

Shoots (suckers) at base of trunk

Epicormic Sprouting:

When trees are stressed, they may try to grow new branches and leaves wherever they still can (suckering). Stressed ash trees may have new growth at the base of the trunk or on main branches.

As with canopy thinning, other sources of stress can cause suckering around the base of ash trees, and this symptoms does not specifically indicate EAB.

Woodpecker damage (flecking) indicating the presence of insects beneath the bark. Photo Credit: Art Wagner, USDA – APHIS,

Woodpecker Damage

In addition to the two symptoms above, trees infested with EAB are often sought out and attacked by woodpeckers.  However, woodpeckers will attack just about any tree full of insect larvae.  Thus, while woodpecker activity can be an indicator of EAB, it does not specifically confirm an EAB infestation.  Extensive woodpecker damage is sometimes referred to as “flecking” or “bronzing”.

Specific Signs of EAB:

If you see the general symptoms mentioned above, take a closer look at your ash trees to check for the specific signs of the emerald ash borer shown below:

D-Shaped exit holes

D-Shaped Exit Holes:

As they emerge from ash trees in June and July, adult emerald ash borers leave behind distinct D-shaped exit holes.  These holes are approximately 1/8″ wide and can be oriented in any direction (i.e., the flat side may be facing upwards, downwards, etc.).  These D-shaped holes are a strong indicator of EAB.

Exit holes of native borers will be round or oval and can vary in size.

S-Shaped larval galleries

S-Shaped Galleries & Splitting Bark

Trees attacked by EAB have distinct S-shaped or “serpentine” galleries (tunnels) beneath the bark.  These tunnels are approximately 1/8 inch wide and are packed with frass (a fine mixture of sawdust and insect excrement).

As EAB larvae feed, trees attempt to create callus tissue around larval galleries, which can cause the bark to split vertically. The S-shaped galleries and larvae can often be seen beneath split bark.

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