Contract Form:

Terms & conditions:

  • Residential Customers- Payment is required within 30 days of completed work (late fee will apply otherwise). 
  • Commercial Customers- Payment is required within 90 days of completed work
  • Estimates are good for 90 days. 
  • Cut & Leave is not responsible for your personal injury if you walk into our job site. Please keep yourself and pets inside or at a safe distance. 
  • We are not liable for other subcontractors hired during the tree removal process that we have not partnered with.  
  • If we are only contracted to cut your tree down. We are not obligated to firewood chunk, split, stack, rearrange, or move the tree unless stated otherwise. (We are happy to add this to the estimate however). 
  • When cutting trees into firewood sized pieces, we do not cut wood into precise measurements (16″ exactly) unless stated otherwise. Firewood cutting does not include splitting the wood with a splitter or axe. 
  • We may need to access different parts of your yard, cross over a fence, climb on your roof, open gates, or drive on your grass. 
  • We may need to temporarily move your fence (we will put it back).
  • We may need to disconnect power, internet, phone, cable or other utilities during the tree removal process.
  • If power is temporarily disconnected the local power company will handle setup and takedown. Be prepared to lose power for part of the day. 

Property Damage:

  • Grass & surrounding trees may become slightly damaged in the tree cutting process. 
  • Please move flowers, pots, grills, vehicles, boats, RV’s, tables, misc. equipment, or anything else that can be moved before the job starts. 
  • We are not liable for the damage of movable personal items/objects left within the working space before the job begins. (So please move everything). 
  • If the homeowner is in question whether an object is within range of being damaged, please proceed with caution and move the object anyhow.
  • When working over your property scratches may develop from falling branches & twigs. These branches may fall on your roof, gutters, patio, driveway, railings or deck. We try our best to limit scratches. 
  • Cut & Leave Tree Service is insured and in the case of property damage we pay for broken gutters, roofs, decks, etc. We just like to warn that we can’t control all the branches that fall out of a tree and small branches might cause damage to the surrounding area. 


  • Please pick up pet feces before work begins. 
  • Please move your vehicles before work begins. 
  • If you want your brush hauled, stumps grinded, or brush cut into firewood please let us know in advance. 
  • If you would like the brush cut into firewood please let us know in advance. 
  • Please keep yourself, kids, & pets inside during the tree removal process. 
  • If your tree reaches into your neighbor’s property, please notify them prior to work beginning, that we may need to access their property. 
  • Consider covering your AC Unit with a tarp if it is near the tree being taken down. 
  • Feel free to cover flower beds or other objects with plywood or tarps. 

I have read and accept ALL terms and conditions listed above
price should correlate with the estimate (if not we will re-due this contract)
I understand 8.13% sales tax is added to the final price?
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